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Can anyone apply for this scholarship?

    Applicant must be a 2020 high school graduate and:
    • be graduating from one of the Van Wert, Ohio county school districts (Crestview, Lincolnview, or Van Wert High School or Vantage Career Center with a home school association to Crestview, Lincolnview or Van Wert High School), or
    • be a dependent child of a current Central Insurance Companies employee or retiree.

Does the student applying for a scholarship have to be a graduating high school senior, or can a current college student apply?

    New Foundation scholarships will be awarded only to students who are graduating from high school in 2020.

What is the minimum GPA requirement for this scholarship?

    While not exclusively an academic scholarship, applicants must demonstrate academic promise and good character. A minimum 3.0 GPA in high school is required.

What is the deadline for application?

    The deadline is March 26, 2021, and there will be no exceptions to this deadline. The Directors will not review any applications received after March 26 unless they are clearly postmarked on or before the deadline. Applications mailed by others, including the student's guidance office, are not exempt from this deadline.

How many Foundation scholarships will be awarded?

    Our intention is to award approximately five (5) new scholarships per year to graduating high school seniors. This number is contingent on the number and quality of the applications received, as well as how well the applicants meet the established criteria.

Do applicants need to declare a major in order to apply for this scholarship?

    Scholarship recipients must have a major with a specific use towards a career position within the insurance industry. Therefore, students who are undecided on their major may be less likely to be chosen for this scholarship. (A list of potential majors is included in the scholarship application form.)

Is this scholarship renewable?

    The scholarship may be renewed up to three additional years for studies in pursuit of an undergraduate degree. A short renewal application and evidence that coursework is leading to the student's specified degree, diploma, or certificate will be required. In order to continue receiving the scholarship award following the first term, recipients will be required to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale per term, mail a transcript to the Foundation with the renewal scholarship application, continue seeking a major with an insurance application, and remain in school full-time.

How does someone apply for this scholarship?

    For additional information about eligibility requirements for the scholarship program of Central's Educational Foundation and an application form, click here!

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